PROJECT TITLE: Online Learning


The purposes of this form are to give you information that may affect your decision whether to say YES or NO to participation in this research, and to record the consent of those who say YES. This project is titled Online Learning and will take place entirely online.


The principal investigator of this study is Assistant Professor Richard Landers, Ph.D., Responsible Project Investigator, of the Department of Psychology in the College of Sciences, head of the Technology iN Training Laboratory (TNTLab), and can be reached at or (757) 683-4212. Katelyn Cavanaugh is also a co-investigator in this study.


Several studies have been conducted looking into the subject of online training programs in which participants are given control over the course content, pace, or navigation. None of them have investigated the relationships between individual differences (such as personality and experience), utilizing control over training, and learning. If you decide to participate, then you will join a study involving research of an Excel training activity. You will complete the training as part of this study. If you say YES, then your participation will last for approximately 2 hours online at a computer of your choice equipped with Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010. The training and surveys must be completed in one session; you may not close the browser until after everything has been completed. Approximately 600 adults will be participating in this study.


You must be over the age of 18 to participate in this study and you must have access to a computer that has Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010 installed.


RISKS: If you decide to participate in this study, you will be answering some demographics and personal history questions. You will not be asked to give your name, so your responses will remain anonymous so the risk of the data being compromised and linked to you is extremely low. However, there may be minimal risk that confidential information will be released. The researchers will mitigate this risk by maintaining the data in a secure database and stripping identifying information before sharing the findings. And, as with any research, there is some possibility that you may be subject to risks that have not yet been identified. BENEFITS: You will take a free course on Microsoft Excel. Others may benefit by the researchers learning more about individuals completing online training and generalizing this to the workplace.


The researchers want your decision about participating in this study to be absolutely voluntary. In order to be compensated for your time, you will receive $2.00 for participating in the study.


If the researchers find new information during this study that would reasonably change your decision about participating, then they will give it to you. CONFIDENTIALITY The researchers will take reasonable steps to keep private information, such as the questionnaires you complete, identifying information collected, and files you submit, confidential. The results of this study may be used in reports, presentations, and publications; but the researcher will not identify you individually. Records may be subpoenaed by court order or inspected by government bodies with oversight authority but will not be shared outside the research team under any other circumstances.


It is OK for you to say NO. Even if you say YES now, you are free to say NO later, and walk away or withdraw from the study at any time. Your decision will not affect your relationship with Old Dominion University, or otherwise cause a loss of benefits to which you might otherwise be entitled.


If you say YES, then your consent in this document does not waive any of your legal rights. However, in the unlikely event of any harm arising from this study, neither Old Dominion University nor the researchers are able to give you any money, insurance coverage, free medical care, or any other compensation for such injury. In the event that you suffer injury as a result of participation in any research project, you may contact Dr. Richard Landers at 757-683-4212, Dr. George Maihafer (the current IRB chair) at 757-683-4520 at Old Dominion University, or the Office of Research at (757) 683-3460, who will be glad to review the matter with you.


By signing this form, you are saying several things. You are saying that you have read this form or have had it read to you, that you are satisfied that you understand this form, the research study, and its risks and benefits. The researchers should have answered any questions you may have had about the research. If you have any questions later on, then the researchers should be able to answer them:

Dr. Richard Landers, Responsible Project Investigator 757-683-4212

Katelyn Cavanaugh, Co-Investigator 757-683-6052

If at any time you feel pressured to participate, or if you have any questions about your rights or this form, then you should call Dr. George Maihafer, the current IRB chair, at 757 683 4520, or the Old Dominion University Office of Research, at 757 683 3460.

And importantly, by signing below, you are telling the researcher YES, that you agree to participate in this study. The researcher should give you a copy of this form for your records.

Please note that you must be using a web browser with COOKIES enabled. If you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari with default settings, this should not be a problem. You will also be required to download an Excel file from this website, make changes to the file, and then upload it onto the website.

You will need approximately 2 uninterrupted hours to complete this study, and it must be completed in one session; do not close your web browser before all pages have been completed. Please do not complete any page more than once, and do not use the forward, back, or refresh buttons in your web browser; use only the "Submit" button at the bottom of each page. You will be asked to enter your Worker ID on this page, which should then appear in the box at the bottom of each page. If it does not appear, you will be prompted to re-enter it.

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